Our Partners

Our Partners: We’ve been very fortunate enough to attract partners and industry leaders.
Our Philosophy: We believe that through partnership we can achieve much more. If you are interested in becoming a partner then please contact us.

UFOS is a logistic software application that is designed to meet the needs of the transportation Industry. UFOS is used by hundreds of dispatchers and thousands of business people on a daily basis in Canada and the US.

Take advantage of all that UFOS has to offer.

You can use UFOS Trucking Software Module to stay connected with your trucks.

  • All equipment can be tracked
  • Expense reports for each work order are provided
  • Generate payroll statements
  • Keep detailed truck maintenance records
  • License requirements and dead-lines
  • Mileage is automatically logged and accurate payments calculated
  • Record all direct payments for any non-mileage items




websiteTOON provides websites and other online marketing services.

There services include:

  • web design
  • search engine optimization
  • ad management
  • software and mobile application development

Located in the heart of the GTA, they manage over 380+ websites and have clients in almost every vertical.