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We’ve closed 5809 Shawson drive and reopen at 5979 Shawson Drive - the new location on Shawson. Extreme Deli and a variety of high quality coffees and drinks will be available to choose from.

Providing you with complete end-to-end solutions

Thousands of truck drivers depend on us for our solutions. Register Today! From Fuel, to Leasing, we will help you save and become more profitable each day you are with us. When you become part of our family, we care; we care about your business!

Watch our video in Punjabi or French.

Everyday hundreds of truck drivers use iTruck’s fuel card to save money and earn rewards. You can use our fuel card in almost every fuel station and receive great benefits.
The savings are tremendous, and very competitive. With iTruck rewards, you can take a vacation or buy yourself a prize.
Whether your an Owner-Operator trying to grow your business, or if you own a fleet, find out why drivers choose iTruck.

Insurance Premiums are increasing everyday. With iTruck, when you become part of our family, you get access to our rates.

Every month we are launching new truck insurance packages:

  • Local Truck Insurance
  • Long Haul Insurance

Our rates have helped companies save and become more profitable. Learn more about our solutions.

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If you are seeking capital to help you with financing new trucks, our Finance Team can work with you.

Often times, we get large companies that need factoring. This allows you to expand knowing that cash flow is always taken care of.

Learn more today about our Truck Financing programs.

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Are you looking for?

  • More Trucks
  • More Trailers
  • More Warehouse Space
  • More Employees

At iTruck, we can help you with the capital you need to grow and expand. Our rates are affordable and competitive. Relax and watch your business grow when you join our family.

We have one of the best logistic and transportation software in the industry. We are able to provide accurate shipment information using visual trackers for shipments. We have the ability to integrate your software with other software.

Through our size and our customer base, we are able to offer solutions at a very affordable and competitive rate.

  • Customer Management
  • Freight Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Document Imaging
  • Event Reminders
  • Financial Management
  • and more…

If you are looking to build a website, logo, and brand – our team of designers can help you. It is important as a company, to appear credible, and professional.

Your clients are searching you online, and they want to see that you have invested in building your brand.

Be sure to spend adequate time in choosing a logo, website, and in having a corporate email. Your customers notice.

Get Fuel Card
Get Fuel Card
Get Fuel Card
Get Fuel Card

What do we offer:

  • iTruck Fuel Card
  • iTruck Financing
  • iTruck Leasing
  • iTruck Insurance

Who are we:

We are Canada’s leading fuel card provider. Our team has dedicated ourselves in providing high-quality services to truck drivers and fleet managers.

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